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Things are Looking Up

recent urban landscapes by Annie Turner
and New Work by Gallery Artists

July 5 - July 30, 2011

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6PM

Reception: Friday, July 8, 6-9PM

A job requiring hours of driving time in and around DC led artist Annie Turner to a fascination with roadside infrastructure. According to Ms. Turner, lampposts, telephone wires, and metro signs are not only testaments to human ingenuity but also have "remarkable geometry" as well as a "wonderful rhythm and symmetry." Viewers can see her take on beauty in the urban environment in "Things are Looking Up," Waverly Street Gallery's July exhibition of her recent watercolors.

Ms. Turner is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's Painting and Printmaking program and has exhibited work across the mid-Atlantic and New England. She currently works as an artist and gallery director and lives in Washington, DC.


Curator: Jan Long JSLAgSk8@aol.com.com, 301-657-9137



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