Carol Leadbetter


Carol Leadbetter is a Washington area fine art photographer and mixed media artist. She holds a post graduate degree in film photography as well as one in digital photography. Her photographic areas of interest include travel, nature, portraiture and human figure work. She has a special interest in Black and White Printing and prints all her own work using archival inks and papers.

Carol’s photographic images have won multiple national awards and can be found in private collections across the country.

The transition from traditional photography to her current artistic process results in mixed media works that are both visually and physically dimensional.

Carol’s work in mixed media is exemplified by the use of her photographic images printed or transferred onto alternative surfaces such as metal, wood or marble. She also has exhibited works using her photography and encaustics.

Carol currently teaches classes on Photographic Techniques, iPhoneography, Photographic Alternative Printing, and Encaustics