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Keith Kozloff

I am a lens-based artist, writer, and environmentalist.  Throughout life, photography has offered me a vehicle for self-discovery.  My initial photographic pursuits coincided with a youthful connection with the natural world.  As an adolescent, I would leave home at dawn to visit a nearby remnant of native prairie, immersing all my senses in that magical refuge.  As an adult, the act of photographing rekindles that multi-sensory state of consciousness.  

Though diverse in subject matter, my photographic themes reflect a search for greater connection with myself, other humans, and the natural world.  I aspire to infuse my work with critical compassion.  Taking inspiration from early photo essayists such as Duane Michaels, I have begun to explore visual stories by curating collections of images, often combined with text.   Sometimes I make the images first with only vague intention, and subsequently nurture emergence of a narrative. Other times, a project begins with a narrative concept that I then seek to depict through a series of related images.  

I am intentional about matching technique and medium with my creative purpose.  For example, I may use long exposures with intentional camera movement to suggest the passage of time.  Although most images are printed on photographic paper, I also experiment with other media (e.g. dye sublimation on metal, hot wax over paper, and a slideshow format that incorporates images, a sound environment, and narration).  I exhibit my work via DC area galleries, on-line publications, and my website; am active in the arts community; and have received two grants from the Maryland State Arts Council.

Tel: 240-421-3582

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