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Polina Miller



Instagram: @polinamillerpottery

Polina Miller is a ceramic artist working in the Metro DC area.  She grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she formed a deep appreciation for the importance of art in everyday life.  

She discovered clay while getting over the culture shock of moving to the United States to join her husband.  She learned to speak clay and to speak English at the same time.  Over the years, her artistic vision has evolved to a desire to create functional ceramics that fuse art with nature. She creates forms that evoke nature’s shapes and colors, and that offer utility and inspiration when brought into a home. Her goal is to create pieces that catch your eye first, but that also draw you in with a desire to touch, and to imagine the work having a place in your everyday life. She hopes that her pots can attract and captivate your imagination just like an interesting rock, fruit, or a wild flower that you came across while hiking. Her pots seem pleasant, though simple at first sight, but the longer you look, the more you are intrigued by their beauty and complexity of colors and textures.

All Polina's work is wheel thrown. The bulk of it is then fired in an electric kiln in her home studio, with a smaller selected amount of pots coming from a large wood kiln fired with a group of other local potters.

She exhibits at several VA and online ceramic galleries, and regularly participates in various juried national and international ceramic shows.

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