Jan Maddox

Email: janmaddox0000@yahoo.com
Visit: janmaddox.com

Phone: 301.986.8739

Jan Maddox’s jewelry relies strongly on her academic background in design and the visual arts.  She explores the qualities of silver as it can be used to create functional objects.  Various design concepts provide a structure for visual stimulation.  Most of her work involves creating a series of design solutions within pre-established limitations.  These limitations may be due to functionality or aesthetic concerns.   Color is included through the metal itself, whether gold or silver, precious and semi-precious stones, or even colored pencil.  Textures that individualize parts of the metals are produced by hand or using mechanical tools.  Each piece is individual, one-of-a –kind.

 Professor Emerita, Montgomery College, Rockville, Jan has a BFA degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and an MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington. In addition to a long career of teaching design, art appreciation and jewelry and exhibiting her work, she has been active in various professional and community groups.  She also makes collages and assemblages that usually include metallic elements.