Sunjin Leaa Lee


My task is to instill metamorphosis, a sense of progress and change, by seeking past and present analysis, the conflicts of acceptance and abandonment of materials and techniques, and many other characteristics of art in the East and West. The blend of Korean and Western painting methodologies creates a bizarre, yet intriguing, style. I believe the woven blend of the two worlds is a unique style that I have come to identify myself with. 

I believe that the qualities of Eastern art can merge into associations with Western contemporary art through various interpretations and attempts. In other words, it is very meaningful for me to be the intermediary to convey both cultures through my work. Often times, painting is compared to the act of stripping and revealing. During this process, the author invites the viewers to the space of art pictured through a voyeuristic perspective. I wish my endeavors and the images conjured up will help viewers better understand the creations made through the clash of cultures.