Thien Nguyen

Phone: 571.232.1557

Thien Nguyen sees pottery as a way to connect with people. He wants them to touch it, pick it up, and look at it from different points of view. He hopes his pottery will trigger memories.

Thien’s current works are raku vessels, and he is very meticulous about constructing the shape and form. He tries to push the limits of the clay and his throwing skills to make them as big and light as he can. He is loose and experimental in his glazing, altering his colors so they are something different every time. He pours the glaze so that it runs and finds it own path around the pot. He likes the organic look and the contrast between the glazed and black, unglazed surfaces.

Thien raku-fires his vessels. The pots are heated to 1800 degrees fahrenheit, removed from the kiln and placed in a container with sawdust to smoke and reduce. The variables of heat and smoke are what determines the color and finish of the glaze. Each piece is one of a kind. Thien is interested in what we see. He wants to elicit the viewer’s imagination, and to enable them to see something in their memory and in themselves.