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Kanika Sircar

September 1 - September  28, 2024

In her exhibition, Smoke, Kanika Sircar’s stoneware forms, referring to chimneys, antique furnaces or balloons, are layered with slips, glazes and iron prints. Surface imagery includes dark, sooty clouds, old maps of the solar system, fragments of Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius, and the first poem of the Rg Veda, the Hymn to the Sun. 


Charles Bukowski is also quoted on some of these forms:

sometimes I think the gods

deliberately keep pushing me

into the fire

just to hear me


a few good

lines . . . .


Extreme temperatures and changing climate are increasing realities.  Smoke, the product of fire, an atmospheric mist made up of toxic particles, “irritant volatile organic compounds”, can be a metaphor for deception, deceit or willful ignorance--or the shallow, last breath of life as we might know it.



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