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Waverly Street Gallery is a co-operative of local artists. The gallery is situated at 4600 East West Highway, Bethesda MD 20814. The gallery is open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday  1-4 pm and Friday 4-8 pm. August is the only month when the gallery is closed.
Membership is open to anyone over 21 years who is a practicing artist in any medium and lives in the greater Washington DC area. Applicants should have a body of work that exhibits a distinctive style and a high level of professionalism. Each applicant is usually juried in a single medium and thereafter, if accepted as a member, displays in that medium at the gallery. When there are openings in the membership we seek artists who would enjoy participating in a cooperative gallery and contributing to its growth and success. Our full complement of members is 24.

Thank you for submitting your inquiry!

Members show some of their work each month and should regularly include new work. The yearly calendar includes four guest solo shows and five member solo shows. A member may request a solo show once every two years. Our Invitational Show is held in February, and December is reserved for a Members’ Holiday Sale. Monthly fees are $75 and 10% commission on sales, except in December when the commission is 20%. Information about new member fees, other fees and show commissions is available to members. 


Basic membership duties include gallery sitting every 2-3 weeks, attending monthly meetings (virtual until further notice) of the full membership, attending specialized committee meetings (also virtual until further notice).  When opening receptions can safely resume all members should attend. Each member helps in installing a show once every four months and curating a guest artist show every two years. Each member serves on a committee such as marketing, exhibitions or maintenance. A year’s commitment to the gallery is expected once membership begins. Three months’ notice is expected upon resignation. 


To apply for membership in Waverly Street Gallery, 1) please fill out and send the form on this page. Include Full Name, address, telephone and email. It is required that an up-to-date personal art website be included. 2) Once the forms are received, applicants will be sent a questionnaire, and 3) then asked to bring in 3-5 representative pieces to be juried by the current membership. 


Jurying for new members takes place on an ongoing basis. 

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