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Marc Schneidermann

My background in painting and drawing combines an affinity for observational drawing landscapes and figurative subjects in context, all inspired by personal experience and an appreciation for cultural milestones. Many pieces are reflective of monumental spaces or landmark vistas common to the DMV.

The most recent body of work marks a return to figurative imagery that evolved over the course of the pandemic, as the spectrum of basic human interaction experienced an unprecedented evolution. A heightened awareness of the power of social change began early and has evolved empathetically over the years as climate change, globalization and social media have impacted the world. 

A passion for capturing light, space, gesture and mood, the pieces record simple acts of work, play, reflection and study, all suddenly challenged by rapidly shifting cultural, social and equitable margins. The paintings record personal interactions and vivid experiences in settings I found enriching or executed to document particularly poignant moments in time.


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