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Barbara Bickley

Barbara Bickley’s abstract prints and print constructions celebrate the natural transitions evident in nature and the human condition. Her hand pulled prints are developed in discreet series. Each work shifts slightly, suggesting an underlying theme of natural phenomena – germination, growth, fruition and decay.


Bickley’s works combine a variety of print techniques including etching, lithography, collagraph and stencil. Working on a variety of fine archival papers, she develops her surfaces by printing multiple layers of sheer tonal inks combined with the heavily embossed surfaces of her collagraphic plates. This subtle overlapping of colors and textures creates “veiled” compositions of delicate complexity. Her unique print constructions are folded, torn, pierced, layered and hand sewn creating dimensional, one of a kind, intricate reliefs. Disquieting surprises of color or texture surface from the hidden layers.


Barbara Bickley studied printmaking at the University of Maryland, receiving both her B.A. and M.A.  She has exhibited extensively in the Mid-Atlantic region over the past 30 years in both solo and curated shows. Her works are in numerous private collections throughout the Unites States, Belgium, England, Germany, France, Israel and Australia.  Her work is regularly exhibited at the Waverly Street Gallery.

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