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selected works

by Billye Schley

May 29 - June 26, 2022

Aways moving forward, Billye Schley’s journey began over eight decades ago as her grandmother taught her to draw and paint designs with berries, charcoal and red clay on domestic sack cloth or linen and completing the design with embroidery floss. Her skills and inventive sensibility developed over a lifetime of observation, practice and passion.

Billye’s work is influenced by her worldwide travel, her emotions, whimsical interpretations of humorous scenes and at times, subtle social statements. 

Billye Schley’s interest in art making includes painting, drawing, sculpture and needle paintings. This exhibit features her drawings and lushly embellished work in fiber, beads and semiprecious gems. It is her desire to artfully demonstrate needle painting so that it may be preserved and live for future generations. 

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