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Works on Paper and Paper to Wear


Alice Kresse

April 2 - April 29, 2023

 Alice Kresse is a printmaker, mostly working in the monoprint and collage mediums. She’s also a jeweler, who focuses on alternative materials with paper being a favorite.

In Genealogy the two disciplines merge through a series of prints and wearable pieces that reflect the artist’s personal history and explorations into the idea of ancestry.

Although the term monoprint suggests a single image, her prints and collages consist of families of unique but related pieces. Created on an etching press, each series of usually two to eight prints, evolves in color, density and complexity. The prints are semiabstract, incorporating symbols, letterforms, textiles and templates. As a series progresses via multiple passes through the press, color intensifies or fades; imagery is added or subtracted.

The necklaces, pendants and earrings are a combination of handprinted and hand painted papers, sterling silver and stainless steel. The papers are printed on 

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