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Annette Fortt

June 2 - June 29, 2024

Annette Gandy Fortt is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, where she graduated from the University of Memphis (formerly Memphis State) with a major in Art Education.  She participated in the latter years of the Great Migration, moving east to New York City in the late 1960s.  There she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Pratt Institute before eventually settling in the Washington, D.C. area.  Her work reflects the diversity of her experience, both in media and subject matter:  paintings, prints and assemblages tell of the Black experience, the woman’s experience, the spiritual and the organic.


“From the time I could hold a pencil or a wad of clay, I was making images.  I was born to create, and over the years all that has changed is how I make my mark and what it expresses.  I started with the imaginary scribbling of childhood; now, I work from life to create representational recordings as well as images from the mind.”

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