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Terry Sitz

September 4 - October 1, 2022


My mother suffered from lifelong depression.  She painted in somber colors.  Her fear-filled worldview darkened our home.


My perfectionist father offered my first art critique at age 6: “Your perspective is off.”


For too long their voices echoed in my head, stunting my work and joy.


And then the healing began:  I loaded fuchsia paint on my mother’s old brushes and painted with wild abandon and NO perspective.  I added fabric, shopping bags and old tape measures to pieces.  I broke the rules to awaken my soul.  My voice came through in spades.


UR NOT the Boss of ME explores themes of fragility, strength, and resilience.


What began as rebellion, morphed into a soapbox of mixed media work expressing deeply held convictions and a desire to spark healing and promote change through my work. The works are upbeat, passionate and a message to the spirit. 

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