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Kee Woo Rhee

When I first saw Ansel Adams’ black and white picture of ‘Moonrise from New Mexico’, I felt that my heart stopped and I was completely immersed in the serene scene; a ghostly and lonely moon rising above an old church and graveyard in the distance!


As an artist and passionate fine art landscape photographer, I always look for the most intimate aspects of the scene, try to fully absorb the place, and reveal its beauty in a form of expressive poetry. Through my images I want to tell “visual stories” that associate their own memories and life experiences. 


Curiosity is the driving force of my photography. I am motivated by the desire to explore the unfamiliar. I am very much drawn toward what I don't understand. That must have been my initial choice to become a physicist, and now my choice to become an artist. 


Visualizing structures, shapes, tones, colors and other visual relationships of the setting is how I actively build my composition to present the most appealing part of the scene. Images hold emotions, fantasies, and visual associations. That very moment when you are part of the magic is tangible and the elements are unforgettable and well... indescribable.


Have you had an opportunity to have the universe to yourself?  Yes, I have on numerous occasions. One very hot night, a very pitch black dark night, I was all alone with zillions of stars twinkling in the sky over the Trona Pinnacles in the Mojave Desert of California. The fear of being alone in that desert with very grotesquely shaped rocks surrounding me was all gone when I was conversing with each one of those beautiful stars. I was all happy there. I had the universe all to myself! 


My endless curiosity towards the world... spread the scenery like a poem!

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