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Kevin H. Adams

March 6 - April 1, 2023

I have always been drawn to the outdoors, and I have been interested for most of my life in capturing on paper or canvas things that I have seen that, for one reason or another (light, shadow, color or motion), have caught my eye. Without the continual encouragement for my artwork from so many people throughout my life, I very well might be a forest ranger today, instead of the full-time artist that I am. 


To watch the changing colors of Fall leaves slowly creep down the mountains and out of the ravines, while the greens slowly move up the mountains in Spring — these are the kinds of things that excite me! My paintings are of those moments as I have seen them, whether it’s the early morning raking light or the mid-day sun; and shadows are my friends. Capturing how a shadow bends and fades, or how a highlight wraps around a building: these help me to suggest light and depth in my work. In these paintings, I share the Virginia Piedmont, the place I call home.  

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