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Hunt Prothro

January 8 - February 4, 2023

We take the pulse, or the current of a flow to be both particle and wave, impenetrable, massive, yet fickle, as changeable as the surface of the sea to the wind and light. Surface tension and the texture of air itself holds the wind like a magnet in frothy resistance, precipitating the changing moods of ocean, and the intangible, penumbral saturation of

morning and evening light.

Texture is the pulse and weight of line. The wandering, textured silhouette of the ceramic form is figure and ground of the embodied mass. We take this volumetric tension to be a fluid potential; not necessarily one ‘thing,’ or another, but simultaneously both, the encrusted, emergent totality. 

In this context of immanent flow, form is not illustrative. There is no support. A form is not the armature on which the image of an idea hangs; the animated surface-transient color, depth, light and shadow-is less known than revealed, it’s subliminal. Consequence and act become one thing in the mysterious workings of art, like a wave-tossed man in a

sea of frothy resistance.

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