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Cristian Ianculescu

October 2 - October 29, 2022

The pieces I have included in this exhibition capture the quiet moment before flight.

I love the latent tension of this moment. As a child, the birds taught me that everything that is still has a hidden momentum that may erupt suddenly, in unknowable and irreversible ways. The departure may be tumultuous, violent, frantic; a sudden space-time fracture that echoes throughout the cosmos. It may also be subtle, gradual, almost imperceptible; a smooth transformation with a seemingly untraceable origin.

This work is about the stillness that anticipates a sudden unwinding that propels us into the future’s labyrinth of dividing paths.

I carved most of the pieces in Tennessee Pink Marble, salvaged from the rubble of the old Australian Embassy in Washington DC. It is a lovely stone, dusky pink with subtle, intriguing black patterns. I take pleasure in knowing that fragments of the precisely engineered stone, that stood in architectural stillness for so long, can now start a new life, in an organic expression, and most importantly, remain above ground.

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