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Claire Wright

Claire Wright is an avid nature explorer, a biologist by training and a rock climber by passion, and her photography is intimately connected to nature. She attempts to comprehend its essence, the essence of life and Earth by capturing shapes, textures, patterns, and colors.  Her photographs can be close ups or aerial shots, they are often foreign to our naked eye, yet we sense their beauty and familiarity as they are revealed by the camera. 

In 2020, Claire had two important artistic collaborations. The first one with Julie Huang and the Falls Church Episcopal for the celebration of Palm Sunday. She provided her pictures to use as visual support for an organ piece by Herbert Howells played by Julie Huang ( ). For the second collaboration, Claire provided pictures to the Artistic Director of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, Scott Tucker who used them to produce a video that was released for their rebranding ceremony ( ). 

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