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Janet Long


Phone: 301.657.9137

Janet Long has been making jewelry since the ‘cracked marble craze’ of the early sixties. Ancient jewelry and art nouveau have been the main inspiration behind her jewelry designs. Her jewelry tends to be organic in feeling, while still decorating the wearer’s body or the clothes. Her jewelry is pretty, light and comfortable, while still being durable enough to wear all the time, whether the occasion is dressy or casual. She works mainly in sterling silver because it is not so “precious” that she is afraid to use it. A new sheet of silver is like a piece of fabric. How will this fabric be decorated? Embossing? Engraving? Kum boo? What shape will it be? Hollow? Heart? Free form? Will it be hammered? Curved? Bent? Sewn together with solder? How will it feel when someone touches it? Smooth? Rough? Will it be quiet or will it tinkle? These are the questions she considers as she starts a piece.

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